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Be Inspired by the founder of Loverly

If you're passionate about planning weddings (and if you're reading this then there's a strong chance that you are), you've likely perused the trendy and information-packed wedding planning website, Loverly.

There's so much we can learn when we hear from the individual(s) behind a really clever resource.  So, when you have a moment, please checkout this eye-opening interview with Loverly founder, Kellee Khalil.

Meet the Woman Who Knows Everything About Planning Your Wedding

Loverly LogoWhen Kellee Khalil says that bridal pantsuits and multi-tiered bundt cakes are the latest trends to hit the wedding industry, she has proof to back it up. Khalil is the founder of Loverly…

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There are lots of great take-ways packed inside this article, but, my favorite was discovering that since its beginnings in 2012, Loverly has grown organically and without paying a dime for marketing!

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