LIVE! #338 – Create a Plan for your Wedding Business


During this episode we discuss the importance of taking the time to create a plan for your wedding planning business.


Here are some of the questions you must ask and answer before you launch your wedding planning business:

What type of wedding planning service do you provide?

  • Within in your wedding planning niche, will you provide full-service planning, wedding-day management (i.e. day-of), consulting only or will you provide a bridal referral service?
Initially, focus on one level of service and master that before focusing on another level.  For example, maybe start with a referral service for brides and then, perhaps, add wedding day management later on.

How Much do you Charge?

  • What are you fees, i.e. how much will you charge?
  • Are your planning fees fixed or customized for each wedding? If they’re custom, how, exactly are you making that determination?  What’s your formula?
Don’t wait until you have a client to figure out your wedding planning pricing structure!  I know it's a tricky topic.  I know.  Start with your business expenses.  This is a great starting point and will open your eyes to the amount of money you're spending each month.  You want to at least cover that amount, right?  Then, determine a monthly amount beyond that:
  • How much money do you need to make each month?
Don’t base your pricing on what everyone else is charging.  Your needs and desires for your wedding planning business are different from the next guy's (or gal's)!

Who is your Ideal/Target Bridal Client?

  • Where does she live? How old is she?
  • Ho w much is she spending on her wedding?
  • Who, if anyone, is helping to pay for the wedding?
  • Are there enough of potential clients who want what you’re selling?
Don’t guess! Talk to local wedding experts about your wedding planning business specialty.  They know what's going on when it comes to weddings in your area.

Talk to your previous clients.  Focus on the ones you truly enjoyed working with and ask them questions about what they do and where they go…so that you can find more clients like them!

Who else is doing what you do?

  • Who else are your potential clients turning to?  Bridal websites, DIY wedding planning websites?
  • What makes you different from other wedding planners in your area?  If you have a niche, this will be easy for you.  And once you do, own it!  This is your USP (Unique Selling Position)
  • Why would a bride do business with you?
  • Who can you partner with?  Many venues would love to have a competent wedding planner to refer couples to.

How Do you Operate your Wedding Planning Business?

  • Where is your office?
  • Where will you meet clients?
  • How will you manage telephone calls/email when you’re at work?
  • How will you accept payment from your clients?
  • How many hours can you devote to your business each week?
  • Create a schedule and let your family/friends/roommate know
  • Which mailing address will you use/share?
  • How will you train your employees/staff?

Remember to…

  • Spend less time telling others what you’re ‘gonna' do (and just do it, already!) 🙂
  • Do something everyday for your wedding planning business
  • Set goals…with deadlines!
  • Do you!  Worry less about what others are doing.
  • Be clear!  Before you start marketing your wedding planning business, be crystal-clear about what it is you do.



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  1. Hello, How are you? I have start up my wedding biz I am so stressed out I am here layin out in bed listening to your show. I am lost I can really find my brides I have a office, linen and supplies And it seems like no venue or clients willn’t even give a chance in the this market. Thank you for your show I love hearing all the free advice. You are my blessing with helping me. One day I pray that I will be able to meet with you face to face . Thank you for your time and show. Love Willette